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Robert Slenes introduced me to many Brazilian colleagues and to the intricacies of slave family life.Jacy Machado Barletta took my friend Cecilia Pinheiro and me on a memorable tour of Santana de Parnaíba in 1989.Re-creating the lives of the people of Santana de Parnaíba in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries has been an intensely challenging task that has occupied me for the last fifteen years.I am deeply grateful to institutions, colleagues, friends, and family who made it possible for me to write this history. Department of Education and a grant from the Social Science Research Council funded the bulk of the archival research in Brazil and Portugal in 19.Mafia Luiza Marcílio's studies of São Paulo made it possible for me to place Santana de Parnaíba into a larger context; I am also grateful to her for her excellent counsel as I formulated my research methodology.My understanding of the lives of Brazilian women has been greatly advanced by historian Mafia Beatriz Nizza da Silva, whom I also thank for her enthusiastic encouragement of my work.I could not have finished my research without the excellent assistance of Ines Conceião de Inacio and Wilma Gomes da Silva.In Austin, Pedro Santoni entered reams of data into the computer.

I could not have imagined then that one day I would write about the settlement of the vast Brazilian frontier.In 1986, as a visiting Fulbright Lecturer, I taught at the Universidade Estadual Paulista in Assis.The generous hospitality of Anna Maria Martinez Correa and the friendship of my colleagues there, especially Manuel Lelo Bellotto, Elizabeth and David Rabello, Olga Mussi da Silva, and Glacyra Lazzari Leite, as well as that of my students, made me feel a part of this institution.Richard Graham deserves special recognition for helping this project grow from its earliest beginnings and for offering excellent critical advice at many stages along the way.Sandra Lauderdale Graham first introduced me to the Brazilian archives; her ability to make history come alive from the sources has been an inspiration.

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