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Stewart of the 1897, 1909, 19 flood events in determining the 100 year flood flows on the Skagit River. Through the use of graphics produced by this website it is hoped that FERC, the Corps and PSE can see the minimal environmental impacts and maximum flood control impacts additional storage can mean to the taxpayers of our country.

This document looks at 46 years of Skagit County history, 20 of which actual dredging (sidecasting method) was being done. Two years worth of additional research culminated in this now 90 page document.

Many are expected to be used from the historical newspaper articles.

On April 12, 2005 I attended a public meeting where staff presented where the County is with respect to their flood control project.

They are an attempt at showing significant events in our history using documentation obtained through PDA and FOIA review of government documents.

The government became involved with the enactment of the 1936 Flood Control Act.One of the most contentious issues in 2007-2008 will be the placement of a floodway in the lower valley in accordance with the NFIP regulations.This documents represents a small sampling of historic documents that address this issue.So, yes, this means that there can be no fill or any other development (outside of the original cross-section) located within this designated floodway. Have the levees been raised or widened since the communities joined the NFIP and the FIRMs were published in 1985? The documents were created from USGS flow records and Corps of Engineers log records kept during flood events.1995 was done first in real time and then with 12 hours deleted from the Mt.

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