Dating an australian

It is worth considering what the other coin this error was struck against might look like.

It will have a crescent shaped indentation on the reverse, and within that indentation there might be a partial brockage impression of the obverse of this coin.

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This is post mint damage and it is illegal to deface currency.

The lawsuit claims differently that the RCM contacted the RAM in writing in December 2015 and also December 2016 to desist from its infringing conduct.

The Australian Mint is yet to respond about this latest Royal ruckus. This came about when two head side dies were placed into the coin press and coins were struck. I’m not sure we’ll ever know if devious behaviour (mint sport) was to blame or it was a mere mistake with huge consequences.

Turning 5 cents into 0 or more sounds like a great idea but handling lots and lots of very small coins needs patience and good light.

These errors have sold for hundreds up to thousands of dollars (for higher grade examples).

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