Dating games for psp

Naturally, your choices will influence your reputation around school.The ultimate goal of the game is to become the prom king or queen, so it will probably behoove you to make nice with as many people as you can. It's hard to say whether the American gaming community is ready for the dating simulator, but we did find Brooktown High to be quite accessible and easy to get into after a couple of minutes.We also tried out tongue wrestling, which had us moving a little pair-of-lips icon around the screen to avoid falling obstacles while two tongues interlocked at the bottom of the screen.In addition to all the dodging, we had to spritz an oncoming cloud of halitosis occasionally. Once you're in school, you'll find a bunch of kids fitting into various cliques (jocks, preps, hippies, nerds, and so on) wandering the grounds that you can talk to via a branching conversation system.The game is slated to hit the PSP this fall, so keep an eye out for more in the coming months.While a multitude of dating simulations have allowed the socially awkward to live out their romantic fantasies in Japan, the genre never really caught on here in the US, which is a big part of what gives Konami's Brooktown High for the Play Station Portable any of its appeal. The dating sim will feature a swathe os idols from AKB48 and sister groups SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 for an amazing total of 153 idols to meet and date in the game.The game will also incorporate voice sample from the idols and photos of them all.

This promise is squandered in Brooktown High, which suffers from really awkward pacing, is sorely lacking in content, and leans on the most unimaginative high school stereotypes this side of an early '80s teen comedy.With gender limiting who you can date and who you can just be BFFs with, the game plays pretty much the same regardless of which sex you choose.From here, you'll run though a light character-creation process before being dumped right into your first day of school, where a very predictable pattern quickly develops.Now, it wouldn’t be an AKB48 game with Namco Bandai putting together an awesome bundle, just check out what you get in this Limited Edtion: for PSP (on two UMDS) or Vita Four making of DVDs with AKB48 idols (400 minutes) Three making of DVDs with SKE48 idols (300 minutes) Two making of DVDs with NMB48 idols (200 minutes) One making of DVD with the HKT48 idols (100 minutes) A 150 page swimsuit photobook with all of the idols Ten photos Code for downloadable content and a limited edition box for ¥14,679 There will also be a standard edition which will set you back ¥7, 329 as well as a bonus, three pictures of the girls if you choose to pre-order the game. Konami will test the waters of the Western gaming market later this year with the PSP's Brooktown High: Senior Year, which is perhaps the first dating simulation ever to reach a mass audience in North America.

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