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Capital and Idea Validation: Weeks 1-2: Defend your Narrative and Numbers Learn how to defend your idea and your funding goal with evidence-based research.

Is your solution unique enough to differentiate yourself in the market?

Preference is given to students in the final year of their degrees.

A condition of entry to the Employer Speed Dating is attendance at a workshop the day prior to prepare for the event and receive feedback on your CV.

Entrepreneurs participate in at least three workshops per week learning how to refine their Narrative and Numbers as it pertains to raising capital.

co Philly staff, advisors, and strategic partners lead the workshops to provide entrepreneurs with necessary direction and mentoring.

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co Philly provides a structured curriculum for entrepreneurs designed around emerging best practices of the crowdfunding industry.What are the foreseeable product and technology development risks?Industry Attractiveness: Weeks 3-4: Strategic Partnerships and Differentiation Given your unique differentiators, is the available market size going to provide a return for an investor? Do incumbents in this industry look to startups to drive innovation, or do they stifle new players in the market?Is your downstream value positive for your customers and partners? Is your funding strategy capital-efficient and have you identified an exit strategy?Have you performed a risk analysis and identified ways to minimize potential pitfalls?

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