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Jabba's lust for humanoid females like Leia originates from years of Hutt tradition.

Thousands of years ago on Nal Hutta, ancient Hutt tribes would kidnap beautiful females like Leia and force them into sexual slavery.

Continuing upwards, the princess's face was most lovely, featuring deep brown eyes, smooth skin, a regal nose and forehead, and full, pouting lips enclosing an alluring mouth--all surrounded by dark brown hair that reached down to her stomach.

With all her charms, Leia drew the attention of most males she encountered, including Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian..Jabba the Hutt, to her chagrin.

Leia could barely hide her disgust as she laid eyes on the fat Hutt, his rotten stench wafting over her ten feet away.

She also had firm, pert breasts, perfectly sized for Jabba's groping hands.Most of the women the Hutts enslaved were either executed in a way that aroused their master, or were unfortunate enough to be kept alive to pleasure them on a daily basis.The few who managed to escape went into hiding, too tramautized to tell anyone of the disgusting sexual acts that they were forced to have with their Hutt captor.Enslaved by the mighty Jabba, the rebel princess sat beside her new master on his dais, with a few pillows for comfort.A collar with a chain attached around her neck allowed Jabba to bend her to his will, until she rebelled against him, strangling him with the very leash he used to keep her captive.

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