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In a minute my dick jumped out of my pants and it was rock-hard.

Jane took it in her hands and exposed my dickhead, it was wet with precum, she looked at it for a second and then started licking it.

I definitely felt I needed to do something so one day I decided to try my luck.

She lived on the second floor and I lived on the first, so I walked up and knocked on her door. She opened the door in her sexy, red robe, I really wanted to know what she was hiding behind it and I was looking at her numb and unable to say anything. “Hi, Kevin, can I help you”, she was the first to start and I sighed with relief. Jane, I need to talk to you about your husband”, I said as that was the first thing that came to my mind.

I must say that I didn’t care, I didn’t blame her as a woman like her needs a good man by her side, but not her husband.

The only thing that was as frustrating as it could be was that I was not her lover and I wished I were.

That was the real pleasure, for a twenty year old guy whose mind was focused on sex only that was more than enough, She was sucking me so skillfully that in about two minutes I felt I was building up to an orgasm, I didn’t want to stop her and I just took her head in my head and started impaling her on my dick trying to get as deeper in her throat as I could, suddenly she squeezed my dick with her mouth and I started cumming, my sperm hit her throat and tried to push my dick deeper and deeper, Jane was a great sucker, she started moving her head along my dick so quickly letting her mouth squeeze every drop of me, my orgasm was really intense, I was moaning and groaning and she was still sucking on my dick even after I completely drained my balls.

“Oh, boy, you got my pussy wet and leaking, you’re so passionate and you’ve flooded me with your cum”, She said and licked the drops of my cum from her lips.

“So, now it’s time to please my pussy, it’s all wet and do you want to find out how wet it is?“let me make some coffee and why don’t you go to the room and wait for me on the sofa”, she said and headed to the kitchen, and I went to the hall, I was unable to speak and my legs were shaking, that was the best blowjob I ever got.I sat on the sofa and in a minute Jane came with a tray and two coffee cups on it, I took one and she put the tray on the table. When I finished my cup I felt that I was returning to senses.She pressed her pussy to my mouth and started rubbing it over my face, in a few seconds all my face was wet with her love juices, I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pussy, whenever I touched her clit she was moaning, in a few minutes she turned into a real horny bitch and started rubbing all over my face with such fury that I felt I was going to choke, I just held my tongue out and was moving it all over her pussy, it went like this for about five minutes, then she got off my face and looked at my dick. I was just lying and seeing her going up and down my dick, her tits were jumping before my face, the speed was incredible and I understood how horny that bitch was.It was the second fuck so I managed to last much longer and in a few minutes we were both sweating.

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