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With regard to feeding, over and above taxa or sex specific differences, consumer foraging is dynamic – changing in relation to various factors such as individual physiological state or basal food resource availability.Considering such factors is crucial for our understanding of ecological processes in natural and artificial systems.

Here we test aspects of resource partitioning at the inter- and intra-specific level, in relation to resource availability in an atypical aquatic environment using an isotope approach.Our findings imply that trophic specialisation at both the intra- and inter-specific level is partly driven by basal food resource availability..As a result, male and female organisms within a species can also occupy subtly different “niches”.We offer sexual health testing (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, warts, herpes, LGV and trichomonas), an extensive range of contraceptives, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, vaccinations, sexual infection treatment and advice, as well as other specialised services.If you have never had a check-up we recommend you come along and have a sexual health screen as it is common to have a sexually transmitted infection and not be aware of it.

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